Counter-Strike 2 Exploit Grants Invincibility on Nuke Map

Della Bryant
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Counter-Strike 2 game is currently in its limited-test beta phase, and like any testing period, it has its fair share of bugs and glitches. One of the most significant exploits discovered so far is the invincibility glitch, which renders players completely immune to damage.

While the beta has already seen its share of outrageous exploits, such as the temporary ability to enable wallhacks through a console command (which was promptly fixed), the introduction of the Nuke map to the CS2 beta has brought forth another powerful exploit.

Nuke is the latest addition to the beta testing, as Valve aims to gather as much feedback as possible before the official release by testing each competitive map individually.

Counter-Strike 2 Nuke Exploit

Source: CS2

However, there is a notable bug that needs immediate attention – the ability for players to become invulnerable. Streamer Austincs showcased the exploit, which involves a partially open doorway. In previous maps like Mirage and Dust2, which do not feature dynamic doors, this glitch remained undiscovered until the introduction of Nuke.

By standing in the ‘squeaky’ door at the entrance to A site and partially blocking it from closing, players can seemingly make their hitbox disappear, rendering them impervious to any damage.

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