EA Sports UFC 5 coming soon

Della Bryant
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EA Sports has officially announced the highly anticipated EA Sports UFC 5, and fans can expect its arrival “coming soon.” Developer EA Vancouver has promised a more detailed reveal of what the fifth installment of the mixed martial arts sim has in store, scheduled for September.

While no specific information has been provided yet, fans can speculate that the reveal may coincide with the UFC pay-per-view event, UFC 293, scheduled for September 9. It’s an exciting time for MMA gaming enthusiasts who have eagerly awaited the next installment in the series.

Since acquiring the license in 2012, EA Sports has been the official publisher of UFC video games, following the bankruptcy and liquidation of former publisher THQ. The franchise has seen four successful releases on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with each game launching two years apart starting from 2014. With the upcoming UFC 5, it is highly anticipated to mark the series’ debut on the current console generation.


While specific details regarding platforms and features are yet to be unveiled. Fans can expect EA Sports UFC 5 to continue its tradition of delivering an immersive and authentic mixed martial arts experience. Building upon the critical success of UFC 4, which received praise for its simplified grappling and clinch controls. The fifth installment aims to refine gameplay mechanics and provide even more engaging ground-and-pound tactics.

EA Sports UFC 5
Source: EA

With the continued support of post-launch content updates for UFC 4 until March 2023, EA Sports has demonstrated their commitment to delivering ongoing value and enhancements to the game. Fans can anticipate a similar level of dedication and support for UFC 5, ensuring a captivating and evolving experience in the world of MMA gaming.

Stay tuned for the upcoming reveal in September. EA Sports will showcase the exciting features and improvements that await players in EA Sports UFC 5.

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