GOG Makes Betrayer, a Horror Game for PC Free

Della Bryant
2 Min Read

GOG, the PC gaming marketplace, is giving away a highly regarded horror game completely free of charge. Among its collection of free games, which includes titles like the original Elder Scrolls and Quake 2, GOG has now added Betrayer, a unique first-person action horror game that captivated players upon its original release in 2014.

Developed by Blackpowder Games, Betrayer stands out with its distinctive art style and atmospheric setting. While it garnered praise from fans upon its debut, the game gradually faded into obscurity without receiving any sequels or spin-offs.

The significance of Betrayer’s availability on GOG lies in the fact that the game had become increasingly difficult to find elsewhere. In particular, it had been delisted from Steam, Valve’s PC marketplace, in 2021. Many believed that Betrayer would never resurface. However, the game has now made a comeback on GOG, allowing players to acquire it for free.

In Betrayer, players are transported to the New World in the early 17th century, embarking on a journey filled with mysteries and ghostly encounters. Set in a blighted and desolate land, you must uncover the secrets that befell a doomed settlement and seek to restore order. Beware of corrupted Conquistadors and menacing shadows as you explore the vast wilderness, piecing together the tragic history of the colony and searching for any survivors along the way.

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