Unity receives massive PR blowback from users after new fees

Unity adopts new Runtime Fees Recently Unity Technologies, the company that makes the popular game engine Unity, has unveiled plans to change its business model. Unity was met with massive PR blowback from users. the changes would include a new fee for every version of Unity that would be given to game developers based on downloads and the revenue made

C.Morr C.Morr

Super Mario Bros Wonder Promises Exciting New Features

Super Mario Bros Wonder Overview Announcement Super Mario Bros Wonder has been eye-catching ever since it's announcement on June 21st earlier this year. The Official Nintendo of America YouTube channel perpetuated this trend with their latest overview trailer, released on September 22nd. The Super Mario Bros Wonder trailer shows multiple new power-ups, story context, features and fun for Mario fans

Willis Willis

The Wilds of Eldraine: An Echo in Time

AUTHOR: C.Morr The Wilds of Eldraine Release and Story It's that time of the year again, a new standard legal set of Magic The Gathering cards. The Wilds of Eldraine brings the players back to Eldraine, a plane inspired by classical fairy tales and nursery rhymes with cards such as Ginger Brute and Glass Casket referencing The Gingerbread Man and

Willis Willis
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Among Us Update Enhances Chat System, Introduces Ghostface and More

Among Us Update - Among Us received an exciting update this week,

Della Bryant Della Bryant

GOG Makes Betrayer, a Horror Game for PC Free

GOG, the PC gaming marketplace, is giving away Betrayer, a highly regarded

Della Bryant Della Bryant

Microsoft Emerges Victorious in US Court Case Against FTC

In a significant turn of events, Microsoft has emerged triumphant in its

Della Bryant Della Bryant

Overwatch 2 Devs Provide Update on Sombra’s Rework

The Overwatch 2 development team has recently shared an update regarding the

Della Bryant Della Bryant

Counter-Strike 2 Exploit Grants Invincibility on Nuke Map

Counter-Strike 2 game is currently in its limited-test beta phase, and like

Della Bryant Della Bryant

Baldur’s Gate 3: Exploring the Level Cap

For players delving into the vast world of Baldur's Gate 3, understanding

Della Bryant Della Bryant

Overwatch Anime Miniseries Set to Unveil the Origins of the Overwatch Universe

Overwatch Anime: Blizzard has captivated fans with its stunning animated shorts, providing

Della Bryant Della Bryant

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate $1 Deal Returns for New Users

Microsoft is back with an exciting offer for gaming enthusiasts. If you're

Della Bryant Della Bryant
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Xbox Game Pass Core has some Exciting Additions on the Horizon

Announcement of the Xbox Game Pass Core Update Ever since July of 2013, Xbox players have had access to the feature known as Games With Gold. This subscription-based service allowed

Willis Willis
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