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Imbibitor Lunae Character posed with a water dragon that appears to be tamed.

Official Character Announcement: Imbibitor Lunae (✦5 The Destruction: Imaginary)

by u/Bisentinel in HonkaiStarRail

Honkai: Star Rail has been going absolutely crazy with new content releases and announcements for the month of August! Kicking off the month with the exciting release of the playable character Kafka in
the 1.2 Update, with news of 1.3 being right around the corner
. It shows no signs of slowing down
anytime soon.


Fu Xuan using magic while in a magic circle.

Gamescom Show Video|Honkai: Star Rail

by Honkai: Star Rail

Over the past few days, starting on August 22nd, players watching the official Honkai: Star Rail YouTube channel or were tuned in to Gamescom got to see an animated short following the Master Diviner, Fu Xuan acting as the General of the Xianzhou’s Cloud Knight’s, with fellow playable character Qingque accompanying her.

The short seemed to mostly serve as a fun way to showcase, not only what Fu Xuan’s and Lynx Landau’s ultimate abilities would look like in game, but also to announce that PlayStation 5 will be conducting Technical Test Recruitment’s starting on the 23rd of August and ending on the 28th.


Dan Heng surrounded by floating water magic. Acceptance or focus is the facial feature portrayed.

Dan Heng • Imbibitor Lunae Trailer – “The Prodigal’s Return” | Honkai: Star Rail

by Honkai: Star Rail

Just a couple days later, on the 25th of August, the YouTube channel @HonkaiStarRail released a Cinematic Trailer for Dan Heng Imbibitor Lunae titled, “The Prodigal’s Return“.

This trailer touches on some of the details that were mentioned about Dan Heng’s past and how he now wishes to redeem himself and carve a new path for his life.

Dan Heng sitting calm while connected to chains in a snowy surrounding.

Myriad Celestia Trailer — “History of the Xianzhou: Exodus of the Five Dragons” | Honkai: Star Rail

by Honkai: Star Rail

Alongside this trailer, the official channel uploaded yet another trailer, titled “History of the Xianzhou: Exodus of the Five Dragons“.

The trailer seems to be centered around two men’s recollections surrounding the history of The Aeon Long, the Permanence, the progenitor of all dragons. One of these men speaks of the history behind the dragons, while the other asks questions as to what the Permanence is really here to do. It goes into great detail about the creation of the Scion’s and their dispersal throughout many worlds, eventually leading to their interaction with the Xianzhou.

Though it isn’t showcasing anything new to players to interact with in-game, it certainly seems to be a lore filled trailer that can get players even more excited for the release of Dan Heng Imbibitor Luane with the 1.3 Update coming on August 30th of 2023!

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