Super Mario Bros Wonder Promises Exciting New Features

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Super Mario Bros Wonder Overview Announcement

Super Mario Bros Wonder has been eye-catching ever since it’s announcement on June 21st earlier this year. The Official Nintendo of America YouTube channel perpetuated this trend with their latest overview trailer, released on September 22nd. The Super Mario Bros Wonder trailer shows multiple new power-ups, story context, features and fun for Mario fans to enjoy.

by Nintendo of America

Story Overview

Unlike some previous Mario Bros. installments, Wonder will not be starting from the Mushroom Kingdom. Instead, the Flower Kingdom is the starting point. Mario and friends have been invited by the kingdom’s Prince Florian. Of course, with all Mario games, Bowser makes an appearance, and as he touches the Wonder Flower, he ultimately fuses with the Flower Kingdom’s castle. Now it’s up to Mario and the gang to head out and stop his plans once more.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder – Overview Trailer – Nintendo Switch
— by Nintendo of America

The Land of the Flower Kingdom

The Flower Kingdom promises some really exciting locations to explore and adventure through. The Flower Kingdom is separated into seven different areas. Mario is able to actively move around the map like in previous Mario Bros titles. Furthermore, players have the ability to walk through certain portions of the world map, similar to Super Mario World 3D. The world has many different obstacles for players to make their way through, so there shouldn’t be a lack of interesting content.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder – Overview Trailer – Nintendo Switch
— by Nintendo of America

Super Mario Bros Wonder Characters and Power-Ups

Mario’s latest adventure will not be a lonely one, as there are a multitude of characters to choose from. In Wonder, players can choose from up to a whopping twelve different characters to spice up their session. This list includes characters like Luigi, Peach, two different Toads, Toadette, Yoshi’s and even Nabbit.

Next, wonder will be introducing some incredible new power-ups for players to enjoy. The Elephant power-up allows players to attack with Mario’s trunk, destroy blocks, and even store water for future use.

The Bubble power-up gives players the ability to capture and defeat enemies from a distance in bubbles. Mario can use the bubbles to reach higher locations as well, allowing for some fun mobility.

The Drill power-up will enable Mario and friends to protect themselves from spiky enemies from above. The drill allows players to drill down, burrow underground, or even burrow into the ceiling up above.

Possibly one of the more interesting powers on this list is the Wonder Flower. Players can use this flower to cause strange things to happen in the world. Pipes will move, a wave of enemies will attack, and the world might even tilt. Players can even transform into a Goomba or a spike ball at some points with this flower. The Wonder Flower promises to bring many crazy twists to each players experience.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder – Overview Trailer – Nintendo Switch
Nintendo of America

Additionally, players will be given in-game badges to collect that unlock multiple different perks. These pekrs range from parachutes, wall-jumping, grappling vines and many more interesting powers.

Co-Op and Online play

With all of these new additions to the gameplay, players will obviously want to share this experience with friends. Local Co-Op will allow players to share the fun with up to four people at the same time on one Switch. Additionally, if players connect online, they’ll be able to see other player playing in real-time as shadows on the map. However, this feature goes further than just seeing their shadows. These shadows can allow online players to interact with one another, and even share items. Of course, this online feature will also allow players to interact with friends and their worlds, so the fun can continue even from a distance.

Wonder’s Release Date

With all of these exciting additions to the game, players are sure to have a great time. Super Mario Bros Wonder will be officially releasing on October 20th of 2023. Of course, fans can also pre-order before this time in case the wait just seems to long. Look forward to this exciting new Mario adventure.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder – Overview Trailer – Nintendo Switch
Nintendo of America

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