The Wilds of Eldraine: An Echo in Time

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The Wilds of Eldraine Release and Story

It’s that time of the year again, a new standard legal set of Magic The Gathering cards. The Wilds of Eldraine brings the players back to Eldraine, a plane inspired by classical fairy tales and nursery rhymes with cards such as Ginger Brute and Glass Casket referencing The Gingerbread Man and Sleeping Beauty respectively.

This set was released by Wizards of the Coast on September 9th of 2023. It features a story that shows heroes Will and Rowen Ketheric in the exploration of the remnants of their kingdom. The Wilds of Eldraine follows the devastation of the invasion of the Phyrexians, showcased in the prior set March of the Machine.

by Magic: The Gathering

The Eldraine’s Competitive History

In October of 2019, Throne of Eldraine introduced a new plane to Magic the Gathering: Eldraine. Throne of Eldraine and Wilds of Eldraine acted as reprieves from significant story arcs in Magic lore, War of the Spark & March of the Machines.

The Throne of Eldrain was a horrible showcase of power creep because cards got more powerful over time. These cards became too powerful too quickly. The cards in the set ultimately became banned in a multitude of formats soon after. Consequently, this ranged from standard formats and then all the way back to legacy. Wizards of the Coast, publishers of Magic the Gathering, thankfully managed to print a lot of powerful, interesting, and fun-to-play cards in this new set. They were able to do this without making any of them oppressive or a must-include. The Wilds of Eldraine is setting up to be a huge success, but this assumption will not be proven till the next pro tour.

‘ Wilds of Eldraine Set Art
— by Magali Villeneuve with Wizards of the Coast

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