Trepang2’s Console Release Date is Right Around the Corner.

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AUTHOR Willis Holt
The release of Trepang2 on Steam back in June of 2023 set players eye’s on an incredible Indie FPS title. Only a few months after its initial release, the official Twitter account for Trepang2 has announced that Trepang2’s console release date for the game will be on October 2nd of this year.

Trepang2 release date for Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5
— by Trepang2

What the Game Provides

First time hearing about Trepang2? Well then, here are just a few things that the game has to offer.

Created by a team of just 4 people, Trepang2 promises to deliver an explosive single-player campaign, superpowers, Gun-fu, brutal combat, horror elements and so much more in this futuristic setting.

Trepang2 | Launch Trailer
— by Team17

Of course, console players can wait until the release date of October 2nd to purchase the game, but those that are wishing to secure their purchase immediately can pre-order it right now on Trepang2’s official website. Additionally, the pre-order will also allow players to gain access to an exclusive outfit DLC that will be available in-game. After all, it’s always nice to look fashionable while going into combat.

Are you looking for even more reasons to get Trepang2 once it drops on consoles? If so, the launch trailer does a fantastic job of capturing what the gameplay is all about.

by Team17

Trepang2’s Console Release Date is on October 2nd of 2023 for Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5. Console players, don’t miss out on this exciting and interesting new experience when it comes out.

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