Unity receives massive PR blowback from users after new fees

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Unity adopts new Runtime Fees

Recently Unity Technologies, the company that makes the popular game engine Unity, has unveiled plans to change its business model. Unity was met with massive PR blowback from users. the changes would include a new fee for every version of Unity that would be given to game developers based on downloads and the revenue made from the game. As of January 2024, the company will begin to charge a Unity Runtime Fee. This fee will have to be paid to the developers and will be based on a few things: a revenue threshold, an install threshold, and different price breakdowns that are more favorable to developers who pay for other subscriptions. As it stands Unity Personal & Unity Plus users will be forced to pay $0.20 per install. After making a revenue of $200,000 over the last 12 months, and 200,000 installs over the life of the game.

Table showcasing the different breakdowns of fees to be imposed by Unity causing PR blowback
New Unity Payment Model

Unity’s response

When revealing these changes to their business model the company said “an install-based fee allows creators to keep the ongoing financial gains from player engagement” as a way of suggesting that the fee would not be that much of a hinderance for smaller companies with a more devout and dedicated fanbase. Afterwards Marc Whitten, the president of Unity Create, was asked about the fees. He then said that Unity Technologies is seeking to better balance the value echange between Unity and developers who use it.

The PR blowback

After the news came out about Unity’s new Runtime fees, the internet has been blowin up causing a huge PR blowback for Unity. Everywhere from Reddit to X has had gamers, and developers alike up in arms about not only the new fees. Also due to the fact that just weeks before the news was released. A large amount of shares had been sold by the CEO. A surprisingly notable trend as he has sold stocks over the past year without buying any more.

Unity addresses the blowback

After all of the Unity PR blowback, Unity Technologies had to go back on record to address some major issues with the original reveal, mostly the issue of “Install-bombing”. That had developers worried people could set up bots to install and uninstall the game to make them pay more.





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