Xbox Game Pass Ultimate $1 Deal Returns for New Users

Della Bryant
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Source: Miscrosoft

Microsoft is back with an exciting offer for gaming enthusiasts. If you’re new to Xbox Game Pass subscriptions, now is the perfect time to dive into the world of gaming. The company has relaunched its popular promotion, allowing new users to enjoy the first month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for just $1. Additionally, the PC Game Pass is also available at a discounted rate of $1. While the regular monthly rates of $17 for Ultimate on console and $11 for PC apply after the introductory period, this special offer allows you to explore the services without a significant upfront commitment.

With Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you gain access to a vast catalog of “hundreds” of games playable on console, PC, and even through cloud gaming. One of the key benefits is the inclusion of first-party titles immediately upon release. Moreover, members can enjoy exclusive perks such as discounts, in-game DLC, and a selection of EA games. While PC Game Pass doesn’t offer streaming or the EA collection, it provides a similar gaming experience.

Interestingly, this offer follows closely after Microsoft’s recent price increase for new subscribers of Game Pass Ultimate, which saw the monthly cost rise from $15 to $17. This adjustment is the first price hike for Ultimate since its introduction in 2017. Microsoft attributes the change to evolving “competitive conditions,” as the gaming industry shifts towards a subscription-based revenue model. This price adjustment is part of a broader strategy adopted by both Microsoft and its competitor Sony to leverage subscriptions for sustained growth.

If you’ve been considering joining the Xbox gaming community or exploring the extensive gaming library offered by Microsoft, now is the perfect time to take advantage of the $1 deal. Embrace the gaming galore and embark on unforgettable adventures at an unbeatable price.

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